• My style is empathetic and non-judgemental and client-results focused.

• Having way back emerged from my own difficulties I can "feel" what you are going through. This I'm sure you would agree gives a provider like me the edge over a provider who has never actually felt what you are feeling. It allows me to more quickly target in on how to help you achieve your desires.

• To help you reach your goals I use my proven Q.ES.T.™ method. Q.E.S.T.™ stands for Quicker, Effective, Solutions Techniques.™

• My function as a coach is to work with you in a collaborative manner to help you reach your goals as soon as possible and to give you easy-to-use tools to make you independent of me as soon as possible.

• Each person is unique and i will tailor my approach to what may work best for you.

I am experienced in helping with the following issues:

• Anxiety

• Stress

• Fears

• Feeling Down

• Confidence

• Public Speaking

• Social Anxiety

• Issues From Childhood

• Creative Blocks

• Pre-Wedding Jitters

• Procrastination

• Mending a Broken Heart

• Negative Self Talk

• Test Anxiety

• Flying Anxiety

Please inquire about other issues.

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Ask About Our Right Decision Guarantee

Make your decision with confidence

I confidently offer my "Right Decision Guarantee." If at the end of your first session you honestly believe that you have not benefited in any way I will cheerfully refund your session fee. Guaranteed.

To my knowledge, I am the only life coach in the country to offer this much assurance. Why? Simply put, your success is my success, and I want this to be the right fit and the right solution for you.