Rate Facts

Many people would love to work with a life coach or therapist but they can’t afford the rates.

Most life coaches and therapists charge $100-$200 and up per session.

I have introduced a new more affordable rate. Call (858) 752-1110 for This Rate and Free Consultation.

Clients who have used my proven Q.E.S.T™ method usually achieved their desired changes in less sessions than had they gone elsewhere for help. Less sessions meant less cost for them, and so it will be for you.

A low number of sessions at a far lower than average session rate works out to be a really good deal for you.


Because I want to make fast, effective and personalized help affordable to as many people as possible. This is one of the ways I contribute to community and to the planet.

Because when you are not your usual self and are struggling it causes your family and close friends to stress and worry about you. With my more affordable rate you will not only be able to get rapid help for yourself but when you start improving the stress and concern felt for you by those close to you will decrease.

Because overcoming your issues will put you in a better shape to provide for and take care of those who depend on you, both at home and at work.

• Even though I am offering this lower rate for now, the value and quality of my service will continue to be as high as always. Furthermore my sessions are not cookie cutter, they are customized to fit the requirements of each individual client.

• In San Diego I offer face-to-face sessions. For long distance I offer Skype, Zoom or Facetime sessions. Phone sessions are also possible.

• Clients may email me for support between sessions at no extra cost.

DON'T GIVE UP! If you have been going round and round on the "Healing and Achieving Train," but nothing much happened for you, then I invite you to step onto this train where we will use the successful Q.E.S.T™ method to increase your well-being, healing and achieving.


Give Coaching Sessions as a Gift to yourself

Ask About Our Right Decision Guarantee

Make your decision with confidence

I confidently offer my "Right Decision Guarantee." If at the end of your first session you honestly believe that you have not benefited in any way I will cheerfully refund your session fee. Guaranteed.

To my knowledge, I am the only life coach in the country to offer this much assurance. Why? Simply put, your success is my success, and I want this to be the right fit and the right solution for you.