About Alan Shein

A key feature of my practice is providing my clients with simple easy-to-use tools. These tools and techniques are time-tested, effective and allow for quicker personal independence.

Alan Shein, Life Coach & Author

In my coaching practice I work with a broad spectrum of clients, some of whom are referred to me by medical doctors. Furthermore these doctors send their own family members to me. These clients have a variety of issues including anxiety, fear, stress, confidence and goal achievement. I assist clients with their limiting thoughts, emotions and behaviors and in doing so help them go from stuck to unstuck and on to having happier more purposeful lives.

Working with me, business professionals, athletes, artists and students have increased their performance levels. Helping people whose relationships have ended to overcome their heartbreak and to move forward with their lives is another of my skills.

Like many of you I have also felt the frustration, the actual pain and the uncertainty associated with difficult times so I have a very good understanding of how you are feeling and what you are going through. Rather than just accepting things as they were, I made the decision to go forward and discover how to overcome those negative situations. The combination of my understanding of "what difficulties actually feel like", together with my empathy, experience and knowledge lead to positive and rapid results for my clients.

With my deep and wide know-how of the Life Coaching and Peak Performance fields I have developed the Q.E.S.T™ personal success method. Q.E.S.T™ stands for Quicker, Easier, Solutions, Techniques™. Like so many clients who have benefited from Q.E.S.T™, so can you.

I'll help teach and guide you to prioritize and to gain the clarity necessary to achieve more in your daily life.

I have appeared multiple times on television and radio shows and have authored the book A Guide to Happiness which is available in paperback and downloadable versions from Amazon and other booksellers.

I look forward to working with you and together we can begin your journey to personal success and to achieving your full potential.

Life Coach and Author

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Mission Statement:

My intention is that my clients will gain more from
their sessions than the amount of their investment.