Life Coaching with Q.E.S.T.™

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I do not judge. Q.E.S.T.™ is expressly to help improve the quality of your life.


Would you prefer to have less anxiety, stress and fears in your life? I'm pleased to say that clients with these issues have had success by using the Q.E.S.T.™ method.


Do you want to stop thinking negative thoughts that hold you back? Q.E.S.T.™ can steer you towards a more positive mindset.


Would your life be more satisfying if you could increase your confidence? This can be done! Many Q.E.S.T.™ clients have rapidly achieved greater confidence.


Do you want to mend a broken heart caused by the ending of a relationship? A specialized form of Q.E.S.T.™ can help mend your broken heart and enable you to go forward with more self-belief and confidence. Go to


Sounds good, but can I afford Q.E.S.T?™ Please go to the Rates Page and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Alan Shein, Life Coach & Author

Meet Alan Shein

In my coaching practice I work with a broad spectrum of clients, some of whom are referred to me by medical doctors. Furthermore these doctors send their own family members to me. These clients have a variety of issues including anxiety, fear, stress, confidence and goal achievement. I assist clients with their limiting thoughts, emotions and behaviors and in doing so help them go from stuck to unstuck and on to having happier more purposeful lives.